Stranded Deep Console Commands and Cheats

Stranded Deep Console Commands Guide

Stranded Deep is a tough survival game. Players can craft tons of items and weapons to make their survival more likely. With all the crafting and stuff going on, there’s a lot to learn. If you’re the kind of person who doesn’t mind using cheats to put the training wheels on a game to learn it, this is a good game for you. The Stranded Deep console commands allow players to alter the game in some interesting ways. You can access it without altering any game files, so it’s pretty easy, here’s how.

There are a ton of Stranded Deep cheats. You can use these to trigger God Mode, making it impossible to be taken down by the various dangers of the wilds. You can also alter the world to your liking.

The Developer Console can be accessed by pressing the \ key, and this will open the basic developer console in-game. Other keyboard layouts may use the  ~ key or ö key depending on their layout.

Enter the commands below and follow them with “True” or “False” to turn the effect on or off. Each console command has it’s own effects as well, and there may be some unintended bugs coming from these commands. You can use these commands to turn off graphical effects, spawn in items, and do all kinds of weird things.

One of the best ways to make the game easier is by spawning in useful items. Once players have access to the full console by using the dev.console command, they can simply type “/” and open a “fabrication menu.” This will allow a bunch of different items to be brought into the game world. You can find a more comprehensive rundown of the codes you can use down below.

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All Stranded Deep Console Commands and Cheats

Here are all of the console commands you can enter into the developer console and what they can do:

  • dev.god – Players will be able to fly and be immune from damage while this is on.
  • dev.console (True/False) – Dispalys the full developer console
  • fps (True/False) – Displays FPS
  • dev.time (0-24) – This allows players to change the time of day between any of the 24-hour clocks
  • help list – shows the full list of commands for the game
  • help (command) – describes a certain command
  • dev.log.dump – creates a log on your desktop
  • dev.log.view – shows player log in console
  • dev.log.clear – clears console log
  • devtools.components.camera.colorgrading (True/False) – adjusts fog display
  • dev.components.camera.reflections (True/False) – adjusts fog display
  • dev.options list – shows current display output for the game
  • clear – clears the command history
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