How to Get the Heir Apparent Exotic Catalyst in Destiny 2

How to Unlock the Heir Apparent Exotic Catalyst

The Heir Apparent has a chance to jump back into the PvE meta with its return. Bungie has also added the Heir Apparent Catalyst in Destiny 2 to give some nice little rewards to those who use it. You will need to get into the Guardian Games to get it, here’s what you need to do. Once you have the quest complete and the Heir Apparent is in your possession, it is time to start collect medals. Medals can be earned in various ways during the Guardian Games, and every time you hand them in, you have a chance of getting the Heir Apparent Catalyst.

You first need to unlock the Heir Apparent, then you can focus on getting the Catalyst. Here are the steps that you need to do.

How to Unlock the Heir Apparent Catalyst

These are the steps needed to activate the Heir Apparent Exotic Catalyst:

  • Earn 50 points by obtaining medals. 
  • Complete 3 contender cards. 
  • Collect 90 competitive spirit by getting kills with machine guns in the daily focus playlist. 
  • Get 700 total kills. 

After you have completed that first quest, it’s time to move on and collect Medals. You will need to earn 50 Medals for a set of challenges that will activate and grant you the catalyst when the Guardian Games 2021 ends. You need to get a total of 50 points during the event and earn 3 total Contender Cards.

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Now it’s time to get into the Daily Playlist, The Daily Focus Playlist can be found in the Director, on the Tower screen. The Daily Focus Playlist is all about completing various Strikes for Laurels, that can then be traded for Contender Cards, which you can claim from Eva. For a part of the quest to unlock the Heir Apparent Catalyst  you need to claim 90 Competitive Spirit, which also involves using a machine gun. When you score kills during the game mode, you can claim Competitive Spirit.

The hardest part of getting this done is the 700 kills for the final challenge. It doesn’t matter what type of weapon you use, just as long as you score kills during play in the Guardian Games.

Once you get the Heir Apparent Catalyst, the Heir Apparent will give a bigger boost to the shield mechanic. The upgraded version of the weapon also generates Orbs on multikills that can be used to get added boosts.

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