How to Get Nails in Project Zomboid

Project Zomboid

Some of the most important items in Project Zomboid can be hard to come by. One of the most commonly needed items is Nails in Project Zomboid. Nails are a required component for most carpentry recipes, most of which also require a hammer. They are required for barricading doors and windows, and to hang sheet ropes. You can also put them to use as a weapon upgrade to improve the damage of baseball bats.

So where do you get these nails?

Where to find Nails in Project Zomboid

Nails can be found in many different places. Hardware stores and maintenance areas of retail buildings are the best places to look. The shelves in these areas are very useful. You can also find these shelves in garages and tool sheds by residential homes. You will also often find hammers, Sledgehammers and other materials in these areas. So when you find a shed by a house, consider stopping in and checking shelves if you can. Be careful not to get caught by a horde though.

You can also find them as a crafting item. You can often get a few nails by breaking down wooden furniture and objects and collecting them as a crafting resource. This is very time-consuming and reliant on skills like Carpentry though, so it’s not always a viable approach. IF you do happen to find a house that’s got few zombies around, try spending some time gathering nails and other items. Breaking down furniture is a great way to gather wood and other useful items.

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What can Nails in Project Zomboid be used for?

Now that you have some nails, it’s time to put them to use. You can then use Nails to make all manner of wooden materials and construction pieces. If you need to build walls, doors, or many other building pieces, you need a lot of nails. Hammers wil be vital for this as well, so grab a couple and scatter them around your base.

100 nails can be consolidated into a box of nails, which is purely for organizational purposes, and provides no strategic advantage.

You will want to pick through the wiki to find the recipes you can use nails with.

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