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Lost Ark Sailing Guide

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Being a new MMO, there’s a big and varied map in Lost Ark. But departing from most MMO conventions, there’s actually a lot more depth than one would expect. Of all the different systems, the game has a lot to offer. It would seem the team has taken cues from both other genre competitors, as well as other open-world games. The game even has sailing. Yes, you can set out on the high seas and find an adventure of your own. There are many aspects to the system, so keep reading to learn more.

How to unlock sailing in Lost Ark

Unlocking the Sailing feature in Lost Ark requires players to Reach Level 35. At level 35 they will receive a quest called “Set Sail” which doubles as the sailing tutorial mission. You will learn the basic controls here, but it can help to remember a few things for later. You can find the basic ship controls below.

  • Ship Anchor: Press Z to drop anchor and stop your ship
  • Auto-Sailing: You can toggle it on or off for auto navigation along a straight path.
  • Rapid Sail: Press Space Bar to give your ship a short boost to its speed.
  • Ship Horn: You can use the Ship Horn by pressing the C key.
  • Automatic Route: You can set auto routes using the in-game map. Press M to open the map, and then drop a waypoint to get underway.

To start with, you only get access to the basic ship. The 8 ships you can find in the Lost Ark are given below.

  • Astray
  • Brahms
  • Estoque
  • Eurus
  • Eibern’s Wound
  • Sturmbreecher
  • Tragon
  • White Wind

Ships in Lost Ark can be repaired and upgraded as you play. You can grab these gear-based upgrades from both ports, and from Merchant Ships found out in the wilds. These changes will add more aspects to the way they play, such as increasing speed and overall durability. Another aspect of the ship you’re sailing is properly outfitting her with a crew. Sailors can be recruited in ports, and take a cut of your profits from various missions.

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What’s the point of sailing?

The core of the exploration during sailing in Lost Ark is Marine Events and Island quests. These activities gather a bunch of items called Sea Coins. You can use these Sea Coins not just for buying Sailors but can be used to purchase collectibles and other things.

As you guide your ship around the world, you will find hidden islands out on the high seas. Discovering new islands gives you a bunch of different things to do. Disembark when you find an island to do a spot of fishing, or maybe to hunt for sunken treasure. There may also be treasure buried in the sands.

The Strongholds also tie into this. The Station at the Stronghold is an upgrade that you can use to send your ships out on automated adventures. When the timer on a mission expires, you get a small cache of rewards for each quest you send folks out on. And if you’re planning on getting into crafting, this can be helpful. The premium Crystalline Aura in Lost Ark to get a discount on teleport fees, as well as other bonuses. This is helpful when you’re into the crafting side of the MMORPG and have to squeeze every bit of silver out of your efforts. The premium discounts offered by the sub are pretty useful for that.

A lot of these tools and items are tied to the premium shop as well, so make of that what you will. Royal Crystals, the primary paid currency, can be used to upgrade the durability of Life Skill Tools, as well as ships.

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