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How to teleport and fast travel in Lost Ark

Lost Ark

Being a new MMO, there’s a big and varied map in Lost Ark. But departing from most MMO conventions, fast travel in Lost Ark is pretty accessible. You don’t need to spend too much time grinding out mounts to get around. The system for fast traveling is actually pretty easy to use. You basically can just open your map and go anywhere that’s a named location. The system is built around a special location called the Triport. Players have many different mechanics to keep track of, so it’s understandable that you need some help making sense of all this.

How to fast travel in Lost Ark

There are actually a few ways to teleport and fast travel in Lost Ark. You’re mostly going to rely on the Triports spread around the map to do this. You can hop around between bases and other places using the Triports most of the time. There’s also a fairly robust sailing system that allows for similar functions. To use the pillars to teleport, you first have to interact with them to add them to the network for your account. You can activate a Triport by walking on it and hitting the “G” key. Doing this will highlight the Triport on your map, and you can now transport to it.

There’s another option as well. Much like other elements of the game, the Songs system comes into play here as well. To teleport in Lost Ark, you will need to use a certain song in the game to engage with the fast travel system. Once you activate a Triport, hit the “M” key to bring up your map. This will allow you to play a song to travel to that spot in the game world. Players will get a short loading screen, then they get transported to the new zone.

When you use the transport, you need to pay a small fee. And speaking of the Triports, you can actually pay for the premium Crystalline Aura in Lost Ark to get a discount on teleport fees, as well as other bonuses.

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Having familiarity with the way Lost Ark controls is key to doing well in the various dungeons and game modes. Make sure to learn about the cards system before you take on endgame PvE and PvP. There’s a ton of power locked away in those pieces of digital cardboard for your builds. You might also want to learn more about Strongholds so you can get deeper into gear crafting. There are plenty more guides where these came from, so stay tuned!

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