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Latest Warcraft III: Reforged Beta patch helps MacOS support

Warcraft III: Reforged announced as a full remaster

Warcraft III Reforged has been in beta for a while now. After years of hope and various teases from Blizzard, the remake of the iconic RTS was finally revealed to the world after so long. The new version was delayed a bit last year though, disappointing many hardcore fans. Now, the game is in open beta, with millions of fans grabbing it to get a chance to relive their fondest RTS memories in a gloriously modernized remake of the original Warcraft 3. The new version, reported as Warcraft III: Reforged 1.32.06, brings a bunch of stuff to the table that players are sure to enjoy.

For one thing, the performance improvements in Warcraft III: Reforged 1.32.06 are going over well. Outlets are reporting that the game has finally eliminated some of that really annoying lag during normal play. The selection of units and buildings should be a lot smoother now in this patched version. MacOS support also seems to have been improved, with users on these platforms reporting minor enhancements to gameplay experience.

That said, forum responses from other players note persisting issues. Some even allude to worse performance — even an inability to boot the game at all, so it seems  little inconsistent. At the very least, Blizzard is taking the time to iron these problems out ahead of the full launch.

Other changes beyond performance include a revamped camera control that’s fairly close to the Classic Camera setting from the original game.

You can find the full patch notes for Warcraft III: Reforged 1.32.06

“Howdy Friends,

We hope everyone that didn’t have weekend plans will join us – especially Mac players – to test this update. Release is on the horizon, and we appreciate your contributions to the process. Go team.


  • Performance optimizations and stability improvements for menus and gameplay
  • Locale fonts updated


  • All locales have functioning voice over and portrait animations again
  • Classic camera restored
    • Dev Note: The camera position moved by ~10% when we started drawing the game fullscreen to support the new console UI – the original game stopped drawing where it met the original UI. We’re working on adjustments to the washed out team colors making Wisps or similar elements with transparency faint in classic.”
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