How to equip cards in Lost Ark

How to Make a Guild in Lost Ark

Of the many systems bounding around underneath the hood of this MMO, a deck builder wasn’t one that many people expected to see. The cards in Lost Ark are a bit special, as you don’t actually battle with them, at least not directly. Lost Ark has crafting, daily grinds and other tons of MMO milestones to pass.

There are plenty of other things to learn about Lost Ark beyond this simple stuff. Strongholds that act as bases for crafting, seem to have some folks confused. There’s also that weird premium sub that some players are curious about. Doing things like dismantling gear is pretty important too. Learning how to do that can help your crafting efforts a bit.

Card packs are given out as you play the game. ard packs can be bought through the Lost Ark Shop as well. Players will want to do this, as it can offer a major boon in combat and other mechanics. Each card can be combined together as part of your equipment loadout to offer a multitude of effects to your fighters. There are dozens of possible combos you can use, each one offering certain boosts for you. You can construct a deck of up to 6 card at any one time. From there, you must pick and choose which ones you want.

How to equip cards in Lost Ark

To access your Card Catalog, hit Alt + C on your keyboard. Alternatively, navigate to the bottom right of your screen and hit the “Roster” menu. Once here, you’ll see a tab for Card Catalog in the listed options. Click that to enter the Card Catalog. When you click on Deck Configuration, you get an outline of the main sets you have. By clicking Locker, you get to preview the specific stat breakdowns of all your minor sets as well.

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When you do quests, you will get more packs. Raids and other options to get these packs give them out randomly. Also, certain bosses, like Guardians, drop specific cards as a rare drop. Gathering multiples of the same cards can be pretty helpful for upgrading the cards. You can also find out where you can find cards in the Codex. Click on the Codex button at the bottom, and search for the card name. The UI will list where you can get that card as a drop.

Each card belongs to a set, granting a Set Bonus based on which ones you equip. The more cards in a set you equip, the more powerful the effect.

How to upgrade cards

Cards in the game can be augmented to use the Limit Break system. You can consume other cards to upgrade the level, and thus the effect, of each card in your collection. Focus on getting that XP filled up to get past the first level. There are also special XP Cards that can be used as upgrade material. These should be saved for upgrading cards as they give a lot more XP.

Later levels will be based on the Awakening system. You need to consume duplicates of the card you’re upgrading to get past level 1. There are five levels per card, and each one needs a full XP bar and a copy of the same base card. This will take a fair amount of effort.

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