What is the max level in Horizon Forbidden West?

How to craft health potions in Horizon Forbidden West

Horizon Forbidden West is here, and Sony fans are exploring the massive world. The story of Aloy has already found a ton of bunch of cool stuff. But to find it, you have to do the exploration. The game’s fast travel option certainly makes completing the game easier, so learning about that’s a good idea. There are many other mechanics you will want to familiarize yourself with. Of the many systems in the game, crafting new gear and weapons is pretty important. That includes healing potions as well.

Beyond that, there’s so much more to this hit new Sony title. The sequel adventure of Aloy has a lot to do. Aloy’s travels will take her all over the world of this new game. And the harsh environs will offer plenty of challenges. Forbidden West has plenty of buried secrets for the cunning to find, and dangers to brave. As you do so, you get more powerful. That means you’re going to unlock new abilities as you level up. But as is common with RPG systems, there’s a limit. Here’s what we know about the max level in Horizon Forbidden West.

What is the max level in Horizon Forbidden West?

Those who played the previous game may remember the max level of 50. It would seem the same is true here. Aloy will once again have 50 levels of progress she can achieve. The process will unlock a variety of abilities and attacks for her to use. It’s a good idea to do this and then explore, as having a higher level can be pretty helpful.

Quests come with a suggested level, as is common with RPG games. The enemies found in these missions can be too powerful if you challenge them too soon. If you try to push past points in the game without leveling up first, you could find yourself in huge trouble. There are also Tailnecks to hunt, Relic Ruins to explore and so much more. You can even hit up rebel camps to try and claim them from the bandits.

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