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CCP kicks off work on new Unreal 4 driven MMO

CCP EVE Online

For those of you paying attention the Icelandic developer behind EVE Online, we’ve got some news for you.

CCP, the team who is best known for space opera MMO EVE Online, has announced an ongoing deal with Epic Games to license Unreal Engine 4 for all CCP projects in the pipeline. This includes a new MMORPG that CCP has been stealthily working on behind closed doors.

The new MMORPG is in development at CCP’s London offices, the remaining satellite studio for the company after a major downsizing in 2017.

Other products like Project Nova, and Project Aurora may use this tech as well. These are the in-the-works projects for a new shooter in the EVE universe, and a new mobile online game within the same IP, respectively. These new titles have EVE Online fans pretty excited, especially since they’ve been in the works for many months now and people are getting antsy. Although Nova is due for launch this year.

Multiple folks at CCP are quoted with extolling the virtues of switching to Unreal Engine 4.

James Dobrowski, the executive producer on the new MMO, said the following about the switch:

Working with Epic Games using their engine source code, which is open to all Unreal developers, is great for both AAA and indie studios alike, thanks to the huge amount of support options available. UE4‘s Blueprints system allows us to prototype and iterate quickly, and its world-class AAA pipelines allow us to focus on crafting great gameplay and stunningly beautiful worlds.

Snorri Árnason, Project Nova‘s game director at CCP Reykjavik, adds:

Considering that Epic uses its own engine to develop games like Fortnite is a great example of the trust they have in their own product.

Unfortunately, not much is known about this new MMO, or the IP behind it, so we’ll just have to wait and see what CCP has in store for us over the next few months.

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