Destiny 2 – Where to farm candy in Festival of the Lost

Where to farm candy in Festival of the Lost

Festival of the Lost is the new Halloween event that’s live this week in Destiny 2. Players will get to collect candy and other treats, as well as plenty of tricks in the form of some giant guns. The new event has a bunch of other rewards to farm for, like the Horror Story or BrayTech Werewolf auto rifles. Eva also has some cosmetic stuff and a new ship to give away as well. The trick is that you will need to farm a ton of Candy to get this stuff.

For starters, you need to know where to access the new content. You can access the Haunted Forest from your Director. Just bring up the map of the Tower in the Destinations tab, and at the top, above Eva’s new icon, you will find the Haunted Forest icon.  You will then need to visit Spider and pick up the quest to play a round in the Crucible, a Gambit Match, or a Strike to earn a Cipher Decoder. After that, you will be able to go on your first run in the Haunted Forest.

How to Get Candy

The choice for which events or quests to farm will vary by both your preferred playstyle and class choice. The best way to earn Candy is to kill either Guardians or enemies of the Darkness while wearing one of the event masks. You will need to pick up a mask from the stand by Eva in The Tower’s courtyard to get going. Once you have the mask you can begin your farming for infinite piles of Candy in Festival of the Lost. You can also get some from the chests in the Haunted Forest zone, but it’s better to just kill things.

Where to Farm Candy

The Whisper mission found on Io has a nice infinite source of Thrall to be easily farmed. You can just let the timer run out on the activity in a specific area while killing Shadow Thrall. To get there, find the large open area filled with grass. There is a small crack in the floor that leads to lower levels. These lower platforms are your target. If you’re fast, you can get stacks on stacks of Candy.

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Both the Leviathan’s Castellum and Mars’ Escalation Protocol are also really good for farming in Festival of the Lost as they have a bunch of bosses that also count for drops. You will need a good group to run it though, as solo is not nearly efficient enough to be worth the time. Nightfall: The Ordeal is another option for a group to run as it gives double rewards during the event. The best thing about this activity is that you can also farm materials that will be useful in the new expansion too.

For PvP players, you can’t really beat the Control game modes. The Control playlist as any kill will award you 4 candy per run as long as you damage an enemy before they are downed. This works per kill, so it has the potential to earn tons of Candy that can be traded in

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