How to Grow Food in Planet Crafter

How to Grow Food in Planet Crafter

Planet Crafter is a game all about terraforming a planet. You must balance the atmospheric and environmental development of a planet with the needs of a newfound colony. Not only do you need a mountain of raw materials, but you also have to have a bunch of basic building blocks of life. You also have to make sure you have enough food and water to survive the harsh reality of the new planet. After all, what good is a planetary colony without food and water supplies? you can solve the water problem pretty easily, but the food situation is another deal entirely.

Since you’re trying to make this all work, food in Planet Crafter is very important. This guide will explain how to help your new terraforming efforts succeed, starting with the very basics.

How to Grow Food in Planet Crafter

You first get introduced to the very basics of farming in the Prologue. You won’t have very much tech unlocked, or access to many resources, but there’s one way to keep yourself fed. You need to put the time into exploring the world and seeing what resources you can find.

The key to not starving in the early game is looting wrecks found on a planet. These wrecks give you basic resources and a variety of basic blueprints. But for farming, there’s an additional requirement. To grow food in Planet Crafter, you will have to build Food Growers. The first tier of food growers is only unlocked after you reach 12 ppt of Oxygen, you will then get the ability to build food growers. As you progress through the game, you will get more techs, but for the start, just build the basics. Focus on oxygen production early on and you’ll be able to unlock the food grower and harvest food.

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After you have the tech, it’s time to build. You need the following resources to build the tier 1 grower:

  • 1 Aluminium
  • 1 Iron
  • 1 Water Bottle

Once it has been built and placed, you can begin farming. You can grow a variety of vegetables and utility items from seeds. Anytime you harvest a fruit or vegetable, you will get a seed back. Make sure to grab that seed and store it, you’re going to need it. When making a choice of what to grow, consider what your future plans are. While Eggplant is a great food source, it can also make fertilizer. You can even use Squash to make tier 2 fertilizer. Other items like Mushrooms can also be used in crafting.

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