How to learn tricks in DogLife


DogLife is a very new game, brought to you by the same time behind BitLife. Instead of simulating the whole life of one person, and all their relationships, you’re a pet. Specifically, you get to become a dog and live out the life of a canine or a cat in the country of your choosing. Yes, despite the name, you can also be a cat. And yes, you can even learn tricks in this game and be an awesome pet.

To learn a trick in DogLife, you need to practice it. Click the Tricks button to bring up the menu to choose a trick. It’s just like practicing a skill in BitLife. You need to keep doing the trick you want to master to learn it. Practice a trick a few times per year, but be sure to be consistent. The goal is to fill the meter up until it’s all the way green.

Once you learn a trick, move on to the next one, if you want. You can practice more than one trick at a time to speed this all up. If you want to master all the tricks, that’s the way to go. So why do you want to do all this work? The simple reason is that you can sometimes perform a trick for your owner and make them happy. This is helpful for times when your owner might be mad at you.

You can also buy Top Dog to get your hands on some unlocked options, so that’s cool. This can be helpful for increasing stats or making it to achieve certain goals.

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