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Images from inside “Drifter” wormholes on SiSi


The recent updates to the Singularity test server have revealed the first glimpses into the previously inaccessible Drifter Wormholes.  As it stands now, it is impossible to enter these portions of space on the live servers.  These images reveal new structures and potential anomalies in “Drifter” space.  Could we be seeing a new class of colonizable wormholes?  Could it be tied into phase 3 of SOV revamps?

Whatever these things are, it’s clear that they’re part of something bigger that CCP is planning. They haven’t begun attacking player structures or amassing in large numbers yet, but I don’t doubt that something much bigger and more terrifying is coming to EVE Online in the coming months.

The Drifters were first revealed a few weeks ago via an in-lore video from the CCP in-universe new service, The Scope. Since then, players have dug through lore snippets, game files and CCP’s public statements for any clue as to what they are and what their plans are.


Sisi build 5/6/2015


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