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Sea Of Thieves The Arena PvP expansion announced, due in 2019

Sea of Thieves

Rare is puling up to port with more new content for Sea of Thieves. This new content update centers on The Arena, a new PvP zone in the open-world game wherein players may blast each other to bits at close range. But that’s not all we’re getting with the update, there’s new story and missions content as well.

And even though competitive PvP takes center stage, this update has plenty of other goodies to enjoy. The patch will bring in the Sea Dogs faction, and a new tavern area to the game world. New missions will accompany this new faction, and Sea of Thieves is even getting some new Achievements for those that like that sort of thing.

Rare executive producer Joe Neate explained a bit more about the patch, and other future plans for the game in this weeks Developer Update. In said video, which can be found below, Neate also talks a bit about the upcoming fourth trading company, the Sea Dogs. There’s some mentions of other in-game features and plans in there too, you should check it out.

The patch will deploy first for the Pioneers, then later for everyone else. This is essentially a closed beta as the Sea of Thieves Pioneers are a select group of players who receive special previews of upcoming features and improvements to the game. Invites cannot be requested and are non-transferable.

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The Arena update is due sometime in 2019, and work continues on other content as well, like the upcoming Shrouded Spoils, which is expected to drop sometime this month.

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