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EVE Online hosts massive battle in UALX-3

EVE Online Capital Fleet

On July 17th, Legacy Coalition member Warped Intentions began the process of anchoring a Keepstar-class citadel. This was followed by an assault on the structure by the North-Eastern Bloc, the assault party mostly consisting of Titan-class vessels. Imperial Legacy responded with their own Titan-class vessels leading to a fight possibly on par with the slaughter of B–R5RB.

The epic battle that ensued in UALX-3 is just another salvo in the ongoing war between Imperial Legacy (A bloc formed between the Imperium and Legacy coalitions) and the North-Eastern Bloc (A bloc formed between NCDOT, GOTG and their allies). That war has been brewing for months, and recently flared up into a game-spanning war that’s been raging for weeks.

This fight came to a head earlier when Legacy attempted to anchor and Keepstar-class Citadel in the system UALX-3, NEB forces responded, but were countered by Imperium support on the side of Legacy coalition. Both sides brough a variety of subcapital, Capital and Supercapital fleets to the engagement.

As the fight progressed, starting with Shield-based doctrines, the various alliances involved decided to escalate with more Armor-based Supercapitals. The problem on the NEB side was that they were consistently delayed by enemy forces in moving their forces south. This meant that Imperium Supers were already on grid with the Citadel by the time NCDOT forces entered system. Server instability  and crashes ended the fighting after several hours.

There were 14 Titans destroyed in total, along with hundreds of capitals and an especially large number of dreadnoughts were lost.

And while the staging Citadel was ultimately destroyed, Imperial Legacy forces scored a major strategic victory in the aftermath.

Following the fight in UALX-3, Imperial Legacy maintained a “hellcamp” on structures in the system, which has trapped a significant number of Supercapital class ships belonging to North Eastern Bloc. The current total is understood to be approximately 146 titans and a roughly similar number of supercarriers. The estimated ISK value of these trapped assets is easily more than 10 Trillion ISK.

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Some are claiming that small numbers of ships have attempted to run the blockade, with an extremely poor success rate. And for those hoping to exploit the system to extract their Supers, CCP has pledges not to interfere, and will be cracking down on malicious exploits.

And while that blockade is maintained, other fronts in the ongoing war are proving equally chaotic.

Forces from both sides engaged in heavy fighting in E9KD-N, Fade, where Imperium member Initiative squared off with CO2, a former Imperium alliance now fighting with the North Eastern Bloc. If you’d like to know more about the circumstances surrounding the defection of Circle-of-Two, check out our coverage from World War Bee.

During that fight in Fade, multiple subcapital fleets with FAX and Super support squared off in a variety of doctrines. The toll stands at 32.49bn lost by the Imperial Legacy, vs 138.94bn lost by the North Eastern Bloc.

In the previous week, we’ve seen frequent skirmishes between the parties, with losses and victories spread between both sides.

Imperial Legacy forces also struck another blow in the southern regions of Immensea and Tenerifis, putting the Pandemic Legion staging Citadel in the area into reinforcement in ZMV9-A, Tenerifis.

It remains to be seen how well Imperial Legacy can coordinate to capitalize on the ongoing blockade that has trapped significant forces of the North Eastern Bloc in the galactic north. Although these latest successes show a willingness to engage in a war of attrition on the part of Imperial Legacy that their opponents may have trouble matching.

EVE Streamer Reload managed to capture a portion of the fighting, check that out below:

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