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Xbox Live Games With Gold for February includes Call of Cthulhu

Xbox Live Games With Gold for February 2019

Xbox Live Games With Gold for February 2020 marks the release of four new free games for Gold subs on the Microsoft side of the console war. And yes, that includes Xbox Game Pass Ultimate members too, since Gold and XGP Ultimate are now bundled together. Gamers are getting a nice mix of genres, with no real blockbusters this time. The most recent game on the list for Xbox Live Games With Gold for February is Call of Cthulhu, and the sci-fi cred is embellished by Star Wars Battlefront.

Then you can check below for quick recaps of the four new games, along with trailers showing off each one. The four new games are spread evenly throughout Feb. 2020, with two games each for Xbox One and Xbox 360. There’s a couple of indie titles thrown into the mix as well to spice up the genres, with


TT: Isle of Man (Feb. 1-29)- Xbox One

First up is one of two more indie titles, with a racing title based on the annual motorcycle races, The Isle of Man TT or Tourist Trophy races. This game slipped below most people’s radar though, as a sim racer in the motorcycle genre doesn’t get much play for the modern gaming audience stacked against hefty AAA releases. It’s nice to see something a little less-known pop up on the batch though.

Fable Heroes (Feb. 1-15)- Xbox One, Xbox 360

Fable Heroes is not the typical RPG within the expansive Lionhead franchise you would expect if you played the main games. This arcade title is much more suited to a couch co-op session than the sprawling RPGs many know the Fable series for. With interesting bosses and much more cutesy aesthetic, there’s at least something nice to look at as you’ll pretty much experience the bulk of this game’s depth in the first few hours.

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Star Wars: Battlefront (Feb. 16-29)- Xbox One, Xbox 360

The classic is back. The original Xbox version of Star Wars Battlefront, with it’s hero units, massive CPUvsPlayer battles, and iconic Star Wars locales. Sadly it’s not the infinitely better sequel with space battles and refined gameplay, but it’s a great addition to the Games with Gold roster nonetheless.

Call of Cthulhu (Feb. 16-Mar. 15)- Xbox One

The incredibly mind-bending and atmospheric horror thriller rounds out the month. Call of Cthulhu is a mysterious title, racked by elder horrors and the ancient and terrifying Cthulhu mythos. The gameplay is a pretty standard mix of puzzle-solving, clue hunting and a fairly big dose of mind horror. There’s some jump scares in there, but this title is much more ambient title, with an increasingly sinister aura as the player moves through the labyrinthine story.

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