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How to farm Lucky Envelopes in Guild Wars 2

Guild Wars 2 Wintersday 2021

In-game events in MMOs are always a great time, the same is even more true for limited-time seasonal events. Games like GW2 love to hand out unique seasonal cosmetics, powerful items and more during these times.

The Lunar New Year event is a great time to gather Essences of Luck as well as other Luck boosting foods. These can both help with Magic Find loot sessions, as well as crafting. And with all the high-end crafting you’re going to be doing, there’s a lot to handle. One of the core loot bags you’re going to find during this time is the Lucky Envelopes. Lucky Envelopes in Guild Wars 2 come in two flavors. Each one has their own assigned loot table and various rewards contained within.

What are Lucky and Divine Lucky Envelopes?

Lucky Envelopes are rewards during Lunar New Year that contain various items. Unlike other containers (such as champion loot bags), they are affected by magic find. There are five types in all, each with their own sources and rewards. Cooking items like Sweet Buns, Dumplings and many other items can be found within. There are some great healing items stored within, so try and get as many as you can.

  • Divine Lucky Envelope
  • Dragon Ball Champion’s Divine Lucky Envelope
  • Little Lucky Envelope
  • Personalized Homemade Lucky Envelope
  • The Evon Gnashblade Lucky Envelope

You can get these envelopes as drops directly by competing in events, but that’s not all. Basically, competing in any number of Lunar New Year Events will earn you these envelopes. There are a number of races that are held in the Crown Pavilion. Running these will give you chests and achievements that contain some nice loot.

Divine Lucky Envelopes are the ones you really want. These can be bought from a few vendors, but you’re sort of limited in how many you can get. There are also special tokens involved for winning the various Lunar New Year events, these can then be traded for more Lucky Envelopes in Guild Wars 2.

The other kinds, namely the Evon Gnashblade Lucky Envelope and the Personalized Homemade variant are found in Black Lion Chests. These don’t always show up, and are a paid item in the Gemstore, so don’t worry about them for now. Let’s just focus on the Divine ones instead.

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Which Merchants can you visit during Lunar New Year?

Let’s start with the most obvious one. Phaedra in the Crown Pavilion in Divinity’s Reach. You may buy up to 8 per day per account from this NPC. You can buy some for Gold, as well as trade-ins. Check the list below for a breakdown of Phaedra’s stock. You need one token of each type per turn-in, as well as one Gold per Envelope. You can buy them in stacks of five and ten, for five or ten Gold, plus one relevant token, respectively. You can also combine Token of the Celestial Champion Fragments into a complete token. 8 Fragments can be combined into 1 complete Token.

  • Dragon Ball Champion’s Divine Lucky Envelope – Token of the Dragon Ball Champion is a reward for winning Dragon Ball Arena during Lunar New Year. Get those and take them to Phaedra for these containers.
  • Divine Lucky Envelope – Token of the Celestial Champion must be traded in, along with 90 Silver. These tokens are found in the final chest of Celestial Challenge or by completing Lunar New Year achievements. So get through the various events to get your hands on them.
  • Little Lucky Envelope – Uses both types of Tokens, can be traded for either kind, although the loot pool is a little less stellar. save the Tokens for Divine variants if you can.

Guild players can visit Sigurlina Jonsdottir, found in Gilded Hollow, Lost Precipice, Windswept Haven. They trade Envelopes for Guild Commendations. These are a special currency that’s awarded for Guild missions. These are are only accessible to players in guilds though, so don’t rely on them.

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