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Phantasy Star Online 2 live on Xbox One

Phantasy Star Online 2 Will Finally Release in the West

Phantasy Star Online 2 has been online for some time in Japan. And after a few years of waiting, SEGA’s Phantasy Star Online 2 has finally come West. The game is free-to-play on the console, and can be downloaded now via the Microsoft store, either via PC or on the console itself.

With four different races and nine playable classes, gamers have a fair few choices to experiment with for the Xbox One launch of the MMO. The new game also includes a bunch of side activities for players to enjoy. An in-game casino featuring various mini-games can be fun. Players will also have quarters they can decorate and hang out with their friends in.

The developer has also launched a couple of unique event quests for the sake of the launch. Players can take on both  “The Cunning Black Winged Vanguard” and “The False Champion: Luther the Fallen” as part of the new Xbox One debut. In addition, any player in the Oracle colony that joins an Alliance with at least four members by April 28 can get themselves a SG20 Ticket (x1). Finally, members of Alliances that earned at least 5,000 Alliance Points by April 28th can get themselves the collectible emote #269: Impromptu Tea Party.

Check out the trailer for Phantasy Star Online 2 down below.

According to the Head of Marketing of the game’s team in the west Fred White, the game is described via the following official blurb:

“Phantasy Star Online 2 changed the history of Online Action RPG’s; the sci-fi story, characters, and gameplay has resonated with gamers worldwide and now we’re excited to bring North American players this special game — for free. Our player community is the heart and soul of the game and we couldn’t have done it without their ongoing support and passion. Now that it is officially launched on Xbox One, we look forward to kicking off a fun-filled future of events, collaborations and expansions in the years to come!”


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