How to use Spirit Vision in Godfall


You explore a twisted world of realism split into Earth, Water, Air, Fire, and Spirit realms. Each realm has its own missions within it, and each objective has both hidden and obvious objectives. Players will find a variety of challenges within the realms and missions they play. The game also has some incredibly engaging combat. The basic combat in Godfall is really fun and has tons of variety. But to get the more advanced items and techniques, you need to find some hidden treasures and objectives.

Spirit Vision in Godfall is a pretty useful technique in the game. The best way to see hidden objectives is to use the Spirit Vision, here’s how.

How to use Spirit Vision to reveal hidden objectives in Godfall

Anytime you complete a mission in the game, you have a split choice. When you complete a mission, you will be given the option to activate a Twilight Beacon or to return to the game menu and move on. When you activate the beacon, that’s when Spirit Vision comes in.

The Spirit Vision can be used to highlight various interesting hidden secrets with a yellow light in the region when it’s active.  If the “find hidden challenges” mission is active, you will also see a red light pillar. That denotes hidden secrets as well. The red light pillar will lead to an item chest inside the level. You will have to complete a puzzle to earn the chest though, such as moving pillars or redirecting light beams. You might also have to kill trash mobs on some puzzles too.

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Each time you complete a hidden objective in a region, you move close to completing the bonus objectives for that region. Doing this will earn you extra loot and you can easily farm the whole process. Each bonus objective can be completed again if you want more drops as well.

That’s all you need to know about how to use Spirit Vision to reveal hidden objectives in Godfall.

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