How to activate DRS in F1 2020

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DRS is a very big part of F1 racing. Tracks have DRS (Drag Reduction System) zones that enable the use of the DRS to let drivers follow their rivals more closely and make overtaking easier. It makes racing more competitive and exciting, and careful DRS timing is key to winning races. But how do you activate DRS in F1 2020? Let’s go over a couple of ways that you can activate it in the game.

If you’ve never seen DRS in action, you probably won’t know what it even looks like. If you watch the F1 cars closely, when they activate DRS, a small flap will lower off of the rear wing. That’s the DRS activating. What it does is redirect the flow of air over and around the car, effectively allowing it to cut through the air more effectively. This allows the car behind, which is often dealing with less-than-optimal air flow and density, to follow the lead car more closely.

The thing is, DRS zones are set on the tracks that cars races on, and it makes careful timing of DRS in real-life a key part of race strategy. The same is true when figuring out when to activate DRS in F1 2020. Another drawback is that the following car must be within one second of the lead car to activate DRS, which means they’re somewhat close and can overtake under favorable conditions. If you meet any of these conditions, you are permitted to activate DRS, as long as you’re finished with the first two laps of the race.

There are two ways to activate DRS in F1 2020. The first is to trigger it manually, and the second is automatic. Manually triggering it will happen when you’re in a DRS zone, announced by an audible beep from the car and a green marker on the mini-map, you can hit Y/Triangle to activate your vehicle’s DRS system.

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There is also an option to use race assists to trigger the system. Go into the options menu and the ‘Assists’  tab. Scroll down until you find the DRS Assist option, toggle this on to have the AI manage when you want to trigger DRS. This is easier for some newer drivers who want to ease into more complex racing lines and strategies.

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