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Does Stranded Deep on PS4 and Xbox One have multiplayer?

Stranded Deep

Stranded Deep is a new game being ported to consoles from PC. Well, the game from developer  Beam Team Games has been in PC early access for around five years. It’s finally coming to PS4 and Xbox One this week. The core concept of the game is a dire quest for survival, akin to the likes of ARK: Survival Evolved and The Forest.

These games are pretty awesome as both singleplayer and multiplayer titles and have really fun gameplay loops as open-world survival games. So that means that anyone looking to play them, will want to take them on as a group with their friends. The new entry to this game type would be a pretty cool fit for multiplayer, so does it have it?

Each game page, on the Microsoft and PlayStation stores, respectively, state that Stranded Deep is only available as a single-player title. This directly contradicts other genre titles that offer various multiplayer options. So gamers on consoles won’t be getting together with friends in this game for now.

The game’s Steam page listed Stranded Deep as a primarily singleplayer game, with the added options of split-screen and shared co-op gameplay as possible. Thing is, that’s on PC as doesn’t necessarily translate to PS4 or Xbox One. So in short, no the PS4 and Xbox One ports of Stranded Deep do not have multiplayer functionality yet. It’s possible that the developers will add such functions later in development if there is enough fan demand.

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