How to unlock the racetrack in Death Stranding

Death Stranding: Director's Cut

The racetrack in Death Stranding is a new addition, and it sure is a strange one. Players have spent many months building out roads and networks to reconnect America in this post-apocalyptic nightmare world, and there’s been a lot of progress. Players built roads, trading posts and other infrastructure. Now they need something new to do.

Death Stranding has implemented the racetracks as part of a new gameplay update, the Director’s Cut. Once you give the track enough materials, you can get it built and fully unlock the various track layouts and new gameplay modes. To unlock the track, you need to complete the order marked Order No.35 in your manifest. After completing Order No. 35, you will see a new message from Thomas Southerland. That’s your cue to head into the world and find the unfinished racetrack.

To get to the racetrack, head to the Timefall Farmer’s residence and continue south. Along the coast, a new terminal will spawn in the overworld. You need to interact with the terminal and bring along the following materials to build the racetrack:

  • 650 Chiral Crystals
  • 2,240 Metals
  • 1,960 Ceramics
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Once it’s built, it’s time to get racing. There are two different modes to play in during your time on the track. Players can compete in offline races to test their ability with various vehicles. The track gameplay includes a bunch of different cars and stuff, and you can use the offline testing mode to get used to them. The other option is the online ranked racing mode. This time trial mode allows Death Stranding players to compete to set the best time. Get your wheels down and try your best.

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