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The first Humble Choice batch is here

Humble Monthly Bundle is Changing

So after the first announcement of Humble Choice, there was a lot of skepticism. The company announced it would convert its Humble Monthly service into something dubbed “Humble Choice.” This led to tons of fans being outraged based on the circumstances. The choice element is helpful for those that didn’t like the randomized elements of Humble Monthly, but Humble Choice is very different.

In the original Humble Monthly system, players would pay $12/month and be given a collection of random games each month. Usually this mix was a different combination of AAA and indie titles, with a major flagship title each month. The new version of Choice is more like a mix of the older syatem and a la carte options. The core complaint is built around the idea that the new version of the service charges a steeper price for fewer high-quality games.

The core idea of the service is interesting, but it has led to some issues. The base paid tiers give players a few games each month. The cheaper $14.99 plan only gives you three games each month. For context, the average for the proceeding Humble Monthly bundles was around 6 games each month, including at least 1 big name title. The $19.99 plan offers 9 games a month to keep. There will also be a discount on the Humble Store, and the charitable contribution element that Humble has built their reputation on. And then there’s the Trove, which is Humble’s indie collection.

There is another Lite option, but that does not include any of the choice stuff.

So what games are coming this first month? Here’s a breakdown.

Soulcalibur VI, Yakuza Kiwami, and My Time at Portia — monthly subscribers can also download Fluffy Horde, Chasm, Regular Human Basketball, Sword Legacy Omen, and Balconing Simulator 2020 now. This will be the last batch of Monthly games though, so the list will narrow down after this month. Though to compensate for this, Humble Bundle said that they would be including 10 new games from Humble Choice for users to pick from. These are Shadow of the Tomb Raider, Blasphemous, Ancestors Legacy, Phantom Doctrine, Dead in Vinland, Horizon Chase Turbo, Dark Future, Desert Child, Aegis Defenders, and Xmorph Defense.

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