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Brutally difficult city-builder Patron announces more content and patches


As a major revamp of the classic city-builder games, the evolution of the survival city-builder genre added a new layer of challenge. Banished is probably the most well-known take on this baby genre. For a taste of what this is like, my first attempt at Banished led to a village of starving children all freezing to death. And as dire as that sounds, it was incredibly fun. And this game is seemingly even more unforgiving.

Patron is an excellent city builder that takes many of the best parts of Banished and adds a satisfying level of increased difficulty. And if you’ve played Banished, that’s a very brutal and terrifying prospect. This new PC game has all the things fans of the genre expect, with some very interesting twists.

Aside from the typical planning and building city streets, players have multiple aspects to tweak. A huge research tree is in the game, allowing players to hyperfocus their efforts in city development. As you expand your footprint, you also have to keep villagers happy. All your citizens have needs and desires—and they need to be fulfilled. The player also has to take on political issues with deciding tax policy and things like immigration. It’s a brilliant mix of chaos that should be a delight for genre fans.

Check out the trailer below.

In a press blast this week, the developers hyped up their plans for the future, and some things that players have done.

On Tuesday, November 23rd, another Update was released bringing improvements to the terrain, citizens AI, and most notably – an option to place your starting Town Hall anywhere on the map. This will unlock more variety and replayability, and it’s something a lot of players asked for, especially those who already reached insane city sizes and want greater freedom on how and where to expand more.

Released back in August, the devs have been having a blast adding new content. One of the updates to the game has added a complete removal of the population cap. Not that you will usually reach any sort of cap. There are even reports of massive in-game cities with thousands of villagers. Most players will have a pile of corpses and burnt homes before they get to that point.

The team continues to add in new content and patch bugs, so it looks like the community is well taken care of, and having a ton of fun.

If you’d like to see how you handle this kind of medieval chaos, check Patron out on Steam.

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