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RogueTech brings the war back home with RogueTech Operation Treadnought

RogueTech Mod

The most difficult and terrifying mech wargame mod for Harebrained Schemes’ BattleTech has evolved with RogueTech Operation Treadnought. The new version of the mod will include what could be considered the best version of RogueTech yet. The mod has an entirely new multiplayer setup, as well as many more missions and updated gear.

RogueTech is all about getting together a team of elite Mechwarriors and giving them the best weapons C-bills can buy. Players will find that the enemies you will encounter on various paid extermination missions won’t just lie down and die. They might not be as easy to kill as the Blackwatch, but this mod is not going to make becoming an elite merc easy.

The launch of the new mod version includes a ton of new fixes for the game, making it much more stable and better performing. And considering the amount of content, that’s a good thing, The performance has been helped out by the authors optimizing the mod pack as best as they can.

You can download the mod on NexusMods. The patch notes in full can be found on the Reddit post for the Treadnought launch. There’s a lot to this mod update, so we’re just going to cover some of the biggest hits below.

New Features in RogueTech Operation Treadnought

Combat changes are a big theme in this new version. The UI elements for many things like weapons and mech customization have been overhauled. In terms of gameplay, everything from Minefields to ammo and melee battle have all been shifted around. It’s all about making the mod more fun while retaining the challenge. Contracts and other missions have been made more varied and random, adding to the challenge too.

More Weapons Than Ever Before

With all of the new mechs and weapons types, there’s too much to talk about here. The biggest change that will be immediately apparent is the playable tanks will be a thing. It used to be that tanks were just something to be crushed beneath Mechwarrior feet that’s all changed. There is now a vehicle bay where players can alter tanks and other armored vehicles to reinforce their mech lances.

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Complete Skill and Shop Revamp

The skill system in BattleTech has been pretty lacking in the base game. That has now changed as the usage for XP for your Mechwarriors will unlock new and rebalanced skills. The 10 levels of various skills are more varied and allow for much more personality in your builds. The Commander now has Quirks that will alter the choices you can make as well.

Shops in-game have also been given a new coat of paint. Players will notice that each vendor has a basic roster of ammo and other items that can be bought. The more advanced equipment is locked behind a few different requirements: the reputation you have earned with the faction; the location of the planet the shop is on; and the type of planet. For example, a more industrial planet within a major faction will offer more robust gear and advanced weapons.

Revamped Online Map

The new online map mode is the full evolution of the previous entry in RogueTech. The mod now allows players to battle on a giant star map with over 3,000 star systems for ultimate supremacy. The BattleTech setting is rife with interesting factions and a ton of historical events. Players in the new version of the online mode now have the chance to etch their names into that history in a way.

The developers behind the mod have implemented anti-cheat options and a more robust online infrastructure that makes it much fairer for everyone. There will be bans handed out if you cheat, so be warned. Also, the developers are working on a seasonal setup that will reset the war map every so often. Players taking missions from the various factions can attack and fortify any planet, affecting the overall map.

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