How to Expand Your Outpost Radius in Kenshi

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One of the mid-game goals in Kenshi is building your own outpost. You get to gather and process resources into gear, build walls and weapons, and other goals. But if you like to build large settlements, you might run into an issue. Sometimes, you will be unable to delete a building that you’ve placed, or your AI companions won’t finish building it.

There are two reasons for this most of the time. One is a broken navmesh, which can be easily fixed. A more difficult problem to fix is that the item or structure is outside of your Outpost Radius in Kenshi

When you place an encampment in the game, it spawns a radius around it, think of this as the zone of control for that outpost. I ran into an issue where I built my walls outside my radius and couldn’t delete them because they were technically part of the radius of a nearby NPC tower. This guide will help you understand how this works, and what you can do about it.

To see your original outpost radius, you will be able to click on any built structure, the owner will be listed on the info pane. You will also see “Your Outpost” hovering over the area when you build. Once you know something is outside of your base, you know you need to fix things. Kenshi is a buggy game, so user beware. But that said, there are a few different methods to increase your Outpost Radius in Kenshi.

The Radii Cross

This method is essentially forcibly building a mock outpost where you want the Outpost Radius in Kenshi to be for your base. The core of this method is the Shift+F12 Build Mode and the Small Shack. You don’t actually need to build a bunch of buildings, though, you just need to place the blueprint. Press Shift+F12 to open building mode.

Build a small shack where you plan the middle of your base to be. You then want to build out a “cross” of small shacks out from this point. The cross needs to go out in a straight line in all four cardinal directions. Keep placing blueprints until you’ve reached the edge of the area you want to place your base on. A good idea is to have a few resource spawns inside your outpost radius.

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The key is to build halfway in one direction, and then finish the run of shacks in the opposite direction. So build halfway to your desired locale in the north, then run the entire line of shacks to the south, before returning and finishing the northern path.  Look below for an example of what this setup should look like.

 How to Expand Your Outpost Radius in Kenshi

Once you have finished placing the blueprints, it’s time to confirm your new base boundary. Hit Confirm once all the blueprints are placed, then press Shift+F12 again. The Build menu should show all of your outpost boundaries, likely via multiple outpost name markers. If more than one of your directions doesn’t have an outpost at the end of it, then keep building and confirming it to place a new marker.

The other trick you can try is to use a more inexact method,  To specify the exact placement of your outpost, marker, you’re also going to use the Build Mode. You can actually select Town Placement at the top to open up the marker placement menu. Go to Town Placement. Scroll down to “Your Outpost”. Select that. It should give you control of the placement for the “Your Outpost” Marker. Move it where you like. You can then select and move the markers manually. This is much more inconsistent, as your boundaries won’t always expand in a predictable way when you move the marker.

After you’re done using either of these methods, click the FIX STUFF button at the top of the build menu to fix navmesh placement, and any other issues.

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