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Star Citizen: Around the Verse – Party of Fifty

Around The Verse - Party of Fifty

It’s Friday, so that means that the latest edition of Star Citizen: Around the Verse is here for your viewing pleasure. This time the focus is on more features of a social nature in the ambitious Star Citizen Persistent Universe, or PU for short.

As we’ve grown accustomed to, Chris Roberts and Sandi Gardiner are on hand to open up about what work has gone into Star Citizen in the past few weeks, as well as what’s planned to be added or worked on in the coming weeks. There’s more reports of player organized events and emergent gameplay in Star Citizen this week as well. Lots of players from around the globe are getting on the fun with plenty of rocks, bodies and ship hulls being “mined”, all for the sake of fun and community in the worlds most ambitious MMO.

Teams are hard at work on also fixing some bugs on visual effects and the backend math that drives the game in upcoming patches, according to this recent ATV. CIG is also pushing new communication technology with a revolutionary facial recognition and tracking system for players in the game.

Check out the latest ATV segment down below. Star Citizen has currently raised $191,387,400 from 2,065,892 backers on the project. Work on Alpha 3.x versions is ongoing, with new ships and backend tech being actively developed within the game. The major update that’s currently on the way is the Star Citizen 3.3 Alpha version.

You can check out other Around the Verse segments if you wish. For example, there’s the most recent ATV release that discussed new ships and game features. Or you can check out what was included with the 3.2 Alpha release of Star Citizen. And since there was a lot of talk about background work on the singleplayer element, Squadron 42, you can check out more details about other progress on that aspect of the game.

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