Do you need an Origin account to play EA games on Steam?

Dragon Age

Electronic Arts have been bringing their games slowly on to Steam. As more and more of their games such as Dragon Age Inquisition, Need for Speed, Plants Versus Zombies, and more appear, users are left with a question. That question revolves around the need for an Origin account. Do you need an Origin account to play EA games on Steam?

The answer used to be pretty simple, any games EA put out on PC would be released via Origin in most cases, and not on Steam. And now with the jump over to Steam, so folks have jumped over to be able to play with their friends not on Origin. The sad part is, the answer to the aforementioned question is yes. You will need an Origin account with games on Steam.

When you launch Origin or go to the website, it will prompt you to create an account. . You may need to visit EA’s website to create an Origin account if it doesn’t work with the launcher. When you boot a game via Steam, it will prompt you to login in the game. Jumping into the game may not need an Origin account, as some games just lock online features within this functionality.

So if you want to hop in and play games like Dragon Age Inquisition or Need for Speed here’s the steps:

  • Head to the Origin website.
  • Click the Register button on the left.
  • Fill in the necessary information and activate your account.
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