How to make Shock and Pitfall Traps in Monster Hunter Rise

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When you’re out hunting in Monster Hunter Rise, sometimes you want to avoid killing the monster outright. That means you need to tire it out and capture it. The basic process works very similarly to the other games in the franchise. You need to exhaust the stamina of the monster and wait for it to enter a capturable state. That means you need plenty of Traps in Monster Hunter Rise. Here’s how you make the two trap types in the game, and what you can do with them.

Shock Traps

Shock Traps are some of the best and most-used traps in the franchise. These electric wonders will stun and immobilize and monster that runs over them. Baiting monsters into running into them is a big part of proper hunting tactics. These can be used to capture large monsters when they are in a tired state.

To make a Shock Trap, you will need a Trap Tool and a Thunderbug.

The Trap Tool is bought for 100 Zenny from Kagero the Merchant in the main hub back in the village. They’re in the same room as the Hub counter. Thunderbugs are found all over the map, but most often inside Shrine Ruins and the Frost Island maps. Look along tree branches and trunks, as well as on rocks beside paths.

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Pitfall Traps

Pitfall traps will knock down a monster, and have a similar duration and effect to Shock Traps. They are used less often as you need three materials to make them instead of two, so most hunters will opt for Shock instead.

To make the Pitfall Trap, you need a Trap Tool and a Net. A Net is made from Ivy and Spiderweb. These webs and ivy can be found all over the various maps. look on walls in dark areas for spiderwebs, and look around grassy areas for Ivy.

How to craft Pitfall and Shock Traps

Hold the + button to open up the menu. then select Crafting List. Here are all the options you have to craft. Press R to cycle over to Traps/Offense, and scroll over to the Traps in the list, on the second page. Use right on the D-Pad to swap around in this menu.

Making proper use of your crafting shortcuts can be helpful out in missions when you need more traps. So keep an eye out for materials out in the field.

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