Where to find Hellcat Power armor mods in Fallout 76

How to get Legendary Cores in Fallout 76

Legendary Cores and Cryptids add some new chase items, as well as a huge challenge, to the game. Steel Reign has made the game much harder. Fallout 76 has a ton of new stuff to do. Though don’t despair, Bethesda has added other powerful new items to get that offer more power to players. These items are something you really want to get.

The Hellcat Power armor is a new and special suit of armor that has been added as the pinnacle of items in the game. It’s given out at the end of the expansion. Aside from being a powerful piece of power armor, you can use power armor mods to give it special abilities. These are very useful, and can completely change the gameplay for the better. Here’s how to get Hellcat Power armor mods in Fallout 76.

The best places to find Hellcat Power armor mods in Fallout 76 are from Gold Vendors. This means you will need to farm some Gold Bullion to afford the mods.

Here are the merchants you can get Hellcat Power armor mods from:

  • Regs at Vault 79
  • Mortimer in Raiders Crater Camp
  • Samuel at the Foundation

These Gold Vendors are the key, and you will want to play to get their stuff. They stock many different kinds of weapons and armor. These items can also be traded for the special currency you get that’s called Treasury Notes. You get these from faction quests, daily events, and public events. Each one gives a variety of Treasury Notes. These treasury notes, once obtained, can be traded into gold press machines at the faction bases for more Gold.

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For starters, the first bunch is pretty easy to get by playing the game. After the completion of the Wastelanders main questline, Treasury Notes are rewarded for completing events and daily Wastelanders quests.

These are the Quests you can get Treasury Notes:

  • Retirement Plan and The Importance of Communication for the Raiders.
  • Vital Equipment for the Settlers.
  • Photo Opportunity for Davenport.
  • Campfire Tales
  • Distinguished Guests
  • Fasnacht Day
  • Feed the People
  • Guided Meditation
  • Jail Break,
  • Path to Enlightenment
  • Primal Cuts
  • Riding Shotgun
  • Swarm of Suitors
  • Free Range
  • Grahm’s Meat Cook
  • Heart of the Swamp
  • Line in the Sand
  • Lode Baring
  • Mischief Night
  • One Violent Night
  • Uranium Fever
  • Encryptid
  • Project Paradise
  • Radiation Rumble
  • Scorched Earth

You will need to do a fair bit of farming of these quests. The best Hellcat Power armor mods can cost as much as 3,000 Bullion. These are the best mods, so the cheaper ones are just a bit weaker. It’s still a good idea to head out and do some farming to find the mods you want.

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