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How to Safely Dock with Instant Dock Bookmark

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One of the core gameplay elements of moving around hostile space, like NullSec, in EVE Online, is the proper use of bookmarks. Every station can become a death trap if it’s camped. When moving around cluttered docks like Jita, it helps to have bookmarks making the process quicker. This is where instadock and instaundock bookmarks come in.  If you’re lucky, there are no warp disruption bubbles, and you can use this tactic to get away clean. Here’s how to use these bookmarks to get in and out of stations safer.

The general principle is to get away from danger ASAP. Being in warp as quickly as possible is the best way to do this. So you don’t waste time trying to align, use these bookmarks.

How to Create an Instant-Undock Bookmark.

Select the station and burn in a straight line away from the undock. You don’t need to direct your ship, as you exit the undock at 100% velocity anyway. Just burn in that direction until you are 150km from the undock. Press Ctrl+B (or open People and Places window and click “Create Bookmark”) and save a new bookmark. You can then warp right to this bookmark as soon as you undock from that station in the future.

One thing to keep in mind is that these markers have a 5° limit on being able to warp away from the dock. You need to ensure that you come out of the dock at the right angle. This makes it vital to always burn your undocks within a pretty straight line.

How to Safely Dock with Instant Dock Bookmark

The instadock is a big part of getting around in EVE Online. The basic principle is that you need to land within 1,000 meters within the docking ring of the station you want to dock at. Every station has a certain “docking radius” as expressed when you select the station and see it at 0m in your overview. Landing within this area without “bouncing” off the station is key to making a good instadock.

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Most alliances, especially those aimed at new players, will have these set up for major hubs. But when you’re moving around, it can’t hurt to burn one in any stations you visit a lot.

Start by sitting at 0m on the station you wish to make a bookmark for. Press Ctrl+B (or open People and Places window and click “Create Bookmark”) and save a new bookmark. You can then warp away to any point in the system and warp back. Make sure to warp back to that bookmark when you do. To get into the dock as fast possible, turn your autopilot on mid-warp on the way to your instadock. When you land, the server will automatically send the docking request when you land on the grid.

Use the guide below for more details on making instadock and undock bookmarks.

In this video you will learn how to safely dock using an instant dock bookmark. An instant dock bookmark allows you to instantly dock in a station without risking your ship or cargo during the docking perimeter approach of a typical warp-in. This is beneficial to those who do not wish to be attacked, ship scanned, or cargo scanned while docking in a station. An instant dock should be created for all stations you frequent.

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