How To Get Dynite Ore In Pokémon Sword and Shield Crown Tundra

How To Get Dynite Ore In Pokemon Sword & Shield The Crown Tundra

Dynite Ore is a new item added in Pokémon Sword and Shield Crown Tundra DLC. When you get into the new DLC, you will notice that there are vendors selling various items in trade for the ore. It’s just like the Watts traders and other NPCs, as you can get some TR moves and other stuff, like Wishing Pieces.

Dynite Ore isn’t that rare in Pokemon Sword & Shield The Crown Tundra, but it can never be a bad thing to get plenty of it. You will get it as a reward for fighting legendary Pokémon. If you catch the Legendary or not doesn’t matter. It’s all built around the new Dynamax Adventures. The reward will scale as well. You are rewarded more ore depending on how far you can get into the den.

You get a variety of rewards for the adventures, including Dynite Ore. It looks as though you can earn between 4-11 of them for each run if you manage to beat the whole thing. You can then exchange the Dynite Ore for rare items like the new Ability Patch by talking to one of the NPCs hanging around in the cave.

To get the most out of your runs, you need to make sure you plan ahead. Bring the best counters against the Dens that you can. Bring in your strongest rosters as well, as the attacks can be pretty vicious. Be sure to use your Dynamax if you are strong against the Pokemon you are fighting as well. Super effective attacks on Dynamax can turn the tide of battle. The problem arises when you have a team member with a weakness. You won’t be able to tank and heal your way through weakness, so try to avoid it. If you do bring weak monsters into a den, you will be in for a lot more work.

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Below is a chart that explains how much ore you get for each milestone. You’re guaranteed at least four ore per run, an as many as 11.

Condition Ore Received
Investigate the den 4
Reach the innermost area (the Legendary Pokemon) 2
Catch the Legendary Pokemon 3
Complete the adventure without your Pokemon fainting 2

What does Dynite Ore do?

You can not only trade it for various items, you can also use it for various enhancements in the Raids. You can also trade Dynite Ore  Peonia in the left side of the start area. She will mark a Pokémon on your map for you for some Ore.

The big chase item is the Ability Patch, which costs 200 Dynite Ore. The Ability Patch is a new Item announced for the Crown Tundra DLC. This item will allow players to change a Pokemon’s Ability to a Hidden Ability.

There’s another item called the Ability Capsule. The Ability Capsule, a similar item, only allows Pokemon to change between non-Hidden Abilities. It’s a slot machine for being OP in essence.

Pokémon Sword and Shield Crown Tundra is out now as the second content expansion for the Switch game. Get it as part of the DLC pass to get access to the Isle of Armor as well.

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