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A Fisherman’s Tale showcases puzzling fun in gameplay trailer

A Fisherman's Tale Gameplay Trailer

Vertigo Games and Inner Space have released a gameplay trailer for their upcoming PS VR game A Fisherman’s Tale. The game features complex puzzles and and interesting gameplay loop which involves dealing with puzzles in multiple dimensions.

In A Fisherman’s Tale you control a fisherman who has seen his entire world turned and flipped upside down. The player must then guide the fisherman through a multitude of puzzles in order to return their own default reality. The concept behind the puzzles in A Fisherman’s Tale is a pretty interesting and novel idea. The game takes recursive versions of individual realities and loops them into each other. The player has to then untangle this web of intricate reality-bending nonsense in order to return to their home.

Using VR controls, an inventive art style and a creative puzzle design to allow players to experiment and engage in creative problem-solving is pretty cool. Manipulating tiny versions of each puzzle to create new conditions in the “prime” reality is a great concept, and I have to wonder how well it will translate to the final game.

Vertigo Games and Inner Space are aiming to have it released on Windows Mixed Reality, HTC Vive, and Oculus headsets as well as PlayStation VR sometime soon according to the trailer. Check out said trailer for this new game down below.

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