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The Messenger is free on the Epic Games Store this week

The Messenger is free on the Epic Games Store this week

From now until November 21st, Epic Games Store users can snag a free copy of The Messenger. The Messenger was free for Twitch Prime users some time ago, but now those that missed out on that deal can get a chance at it again. Devolver Digital is a company known for experimentation and strange experiences in games. And by working with Sabotage Studio on this platformer, these folks are certainly delivering on that reputation once again.

The gameplay here is all about the pixel art style that has permeated the platforming genre of late. By flexing plenty of nostalgic muscle, The Messenger brings about both a classic feel and a renewed sense of passion for gamers playing it. There’s a pretty simple premise at play, as the game is built around this core idea called Cloudstepping, but things will quickly get complicated. Players will have to mix careful timing and level knowledge learned through repetition to get through each stage. But along the way, you’re guaranteed to enjoy the experience thanks to the unique visual style of the title. But if you’re looking for challenge, precision timing and fast reflexes will be a core part of the more difficult levels.

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In this game, you play a simple messenger, I know shocking right. But the whole idea gets out of control with a bunch of time travel nonsense and the game’s charming brand of humor that is stuffed throughout the whole experience.

If you’re looking for a good pixel art platformer that makes just enough gameplay changes to differentiate itself from the horde of genre competitors, this may be the game for you. So if the core gameplay loop appeals to you, then this game might be worth picking up, especially for free. Head over to the Epic Games Store and grab a copy if you want. This deal will be available until November 21st, which by then The Messenger will be replaced by Bad North: Jotunn Edition.

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