How to get Resonant Alloy in Destiny 2

Destiny 2 Weapon Crafting

The new addition of weapon patterns and full crafting to Destiny 2 in the Witch Queen expansion is a really big shift in the meta. No more will we have to run a certain activity to farm the drops for weapons and gear we want. Now, we can just farm whatever we like, turning those unneeded drops into resources. Those resources can in turn be shaped into whatever weapon and perk combination that players need.

There are a handful of new crafting materials you need to use for this system. Along with Glimmer, you need to use these items to make new weapons, and to add new perks. These perks are very powerful, and you want to unlock them. If you don’t want to have to chase God Rolls around the game, this is the way to go. I won’t lie, you’re still going to have to put time into the grind, but this is certainly easier, owing to the more focused outcomes. But first, you need to know how to get each resources.

How to get Resonant Alloy in Destiny 2

An easy way to get resources, like Resonant Alloy in Destiny 2, is to complete the Reshaping the Enigma quest. This early game quest teaches you how to craft basic weapons at the Relic, and gives you a bunch of resources as a reward. So get out there and play through the game, completing sidequests as you go.

The optimal way to earn more Resonant Alloys is by breaking down Legendary weapons. You can also put these to use as the Legendary Shards you get from them can be traded to Rahool once a week for an Ascendant Alloy. So if you have some lofty crafting goals, invest some time into these methods to get more. And speaking of crafted weapons, you will want to break down Deepsight Resonance weapons as you go. The first time you attune to one of these weapons, the game will reward you with a bundle of resources, including 5 Resonant Alloy and 70 Ascendant Alloy.

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Once you have the Alloys, the upgrading begins. You can also use Resonant Alloys to reshape the weapon perks of an already crafted weapon. This will allow you to alter the way it plays, making it much more useful for your desired build and game mode.

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