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Sundered: Eldritch Edition coming to Nintendo Switch and Xbox One

Sundered: Eldritch Edition Coming to New Platforms

Thunder Lotus, the team behind the excellent Metroidvania game Sundered, as well as equally enjoyable Jotun, are bringing the action to some new audiences with the launch of Sundered: Eldritch Edition on the Switch and Xbox One consoles.

Sundered: Eldritch Edition isn’t just a retread of the existing game for new platforms either, it encompasses both the base game and some pretty major updates to the game and some entirely new content. For starters, the new version will launch alongside the Magnate of the Gong Update on the same date as the new platforms, December 21.

The biggest new addition to the various versions of the game is the inclusion of four person co-op play, something the developers have wanted to include in their games for a while now, as the press release reads:

“We really wanted to bring something special to the table for the launch on the new consoles. Plus, we’d been wanting to bring multiplayer to our games for a long time. It’s cool to see how well the local co-op integrates into the core Sundered experience in Eldritch Edition. It’s a great opportunity for existing players to dive back into the game as well!”

In terms of other goodies, the new release will include a new quest chain and other story-related content that will expand on the fun and atmospheric experience delivered by the base game. But don’t worry, Sundered: Eldritch Edition will include all of the wacky and horrifying elements of the base game that fans know and love. You’re still trapped in a Lovecraftian world inhabited by dark horrors that you must use your latent Eldritch powers to combat. It’s up to you whether you embrace your dark gifts or not, but you’re sure to have fun along the way with this adventurous action title.

Check out the launch trailer for the release of the game on new platforms down below.  The game is due to come out on December 21 for Nintendo Switch and Xbox One.

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