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Grim Dawn: Forgotten Gods adds new Mastery

Grim Dawn Forgotten Gods Oathkeeper Mastery

ARPG Grim Dawn has even more new about it’s upcoming Forgotten Gods expansion.

Per a new announcement on the Grim Dawn forums, say hello to the Oathkeeper Mastery! This ninth Mastery adds a new equipment focus for the Grim Dawn class system.This brings the total combinations of Mastery and Class in Grim Dawn to a staggering 36.

That new specialization is in shields, which were absent from the other Mastery choices. The Oathkeeper focuses on mobility and defensive mechanics to slow down enemy DPS, then using massive damage to take down those slowed enemies.

Become a whirlwind force of destruction. Conjure celestial allies to crush your foes. Pledge yourself to the gods and ascend to greater power through their blessing. Become an Oathkeeper and forge yourself into a beacon of celestial retribution.

These holy warriors are champions of the downtrodden, and will put themselves between the innocent and endless hordes of enemies Grim Dawn has to offer. One of it’s cooler abilities is that the high-level Mastery allows the player to bounce enemies into nearby mobs, creating chain-reactions that send entire mob packs bouncing around. So if you’ve wanted to send entire legions of the undead flipping assholes over elbows around the place, this is the Mastery for you.

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In other news, Grim Dawn Forgotten Gods is adding new regions to the game in Forgotten Gods. The Shattered Realm is a place of nightmare given form. But with extreme risk comes powerful reward. Are you prepared to make the journey beyond the Erulan Empire in your quest for epic loot?

Grim Dawn: Forgotten Gods releases soon. Another expansion, Ashes of Malmouth is out now.

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