What do Shabriri Grapes in Elden Ring do?

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Throughout your adventures in Elden Ring, you’ll stumble upon many hidden items, powerful enemies, and strange objects. Uncovering the secrets of this new world will take some doing. The game contains many hidden areas and special NPCs to interact with. There are entire plotlines and character arcs that some players may never see. You have to do some pretty heavy exploration to find them all, so be prepared.

Some items you find out in the game world also have a hidden purpose. Shabriri Grapes are one such item. You will find these fairly early on, and not really know what to do with them.  In this guide, we’ll cover what you need to know about what Shabriri Grapes are, and how to make use of them.

What do Shabriri Grapes in Elden Ring do?

These items have to do with a lost Maiden, Hyetta. Hyetta is on her way to becoming a Finger Maiden, but she needs your help. You will need to bring her these Grapes to help her correct the issue. You will need to meet with her three times, bringing the grapes to her each time. Each of the Shabriri Grapes you give Hyetta assists her in her quest, and you could earn something special for helping her out.

You will first find her after you complete Stormveil Castle, before you head into the Liurnia region.  Each time you encounter her, you will need to look nearby to her spawn to find the Grape she desires.  The first encounter is found outside the Lake-Facing Cliffs site of grace. To find Hyetta a second time, take the eastern road once you enter this new region. Once you drop off the cliff to follow the road north, you should land in the Purified Ruins. The final encounter is found a bit later in the game.

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To complete this step, you need to first complete the Castle Morne side quest. After you’ve done that, head north along the Liurnia Highway to find a road blocked by some fighting soldiers. Go past them and find the broken bridge further along the path. Hyetta will be standing off to the side of the bridge. Directly west of where Hyetta is, there is a Minor Erdtree. Just north of there is the Revenger’s Shack. Going here after the aforementioned side quest will spawn Edgar the Revenger. Defeat him, and he will drop a Shabriri Grape.

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