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GGG releases more details about Unified Hideouts and Veiled Modifiers in Path of Exile 3.5

Path of Exile Betrayal League

As we POE players have already seen, a lot is about the change in the broken and battered land of Wraeclast with the release of patch 3.5 for Path of Exile. Patch 3.5 introduces the Betrayal League mechanics, and it’s very much out with old and in with the new this time around. To sum it up, the Forsaken Masters have seemingly banded together with a bunch of evil dudes to seize power for themselves, and it’s up to you to stop them. There’s a lot more to it than this short little primer, so if you’d like to know more, head on over to our coverage of the Betrayal League announcement to learn more in-depth details.

But not content to let players speculate and flounder until the League releases on December 7th, GGG have seen fit to give up a few snippets of info about other mechanics coming the update. Namely, some clarifications on Unified Hideouts, as well as a short little teaser about a new class of items, complete with Veiled Modifiers.

Yes, you read that right, Unified Hidouts. With the launch in December, Hideouts will no longer be restricted to one League, and then ported to Standard, they’re shared across your entire account. Hideouts are now found out in the game world, much like Labyrinth Trials, and completing one found Hideout unlocks that base tileset for you to use. While there’s no need to grind Master levels to unlock gameplay systems (such as crafting or vendor options), Masters have Favour Levels which unlock more decorations as you do more missions for them. And your Favour is also shared between Leagues.

Did I mention that all of the old Masters have been removed, and now the League-specific Masters like Alva, Zana and Einhar have taken their place. And now the Daily missions allow for players to run through old league mechanics, like a miniature Flashback of sorts.

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Not only that, but Hideouts can be saved as a template and shared or stored for later use. In Path of Exile: Betrayal, you can export your hideout to a file on your computer, and import it later. This system can be used as a way to either save your work before doing something experimental with your hideout, or as a way to share hideouts with other community members.

In other POE news, Betrayal will also introduce a new mechanics with the primary new NPC, Jun Ortoi, called Veiled Modifiers.

As you take on the Immortal Syndicate, you’ll uncover various Rare items with hidden modifiers. These must be taken back to Jun in order to unlock their full potential. There’s over 100 modifiers in these pools according to GGG, and there’s some interesting combos that aren’t otherwise attainable on some items.

Some examples of these mods are can be found in the official forum post, and there’s some weird combinations in there, with a lot of creative potential for unique builds. I can’t wait to start theory crafting new ideas for Path of Exile 3.5.

Path of Exile: Betrayal launches for all platforms on December 7, 2018.

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