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Nintendo makes $1 billion from mobile spending in games

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Nintendo’s efforts in the mobile gaming scene have really paid off, literally. The report comes from data analysts Sensor Tower, who have been very reliable with their previous analysis. The report looks at sales and download data for both the iOS on the App Store and Google Play, looking to make an accounting of the user spending on mobile games for six Nintendo titles.

The games referenced as part of this include Super Mario Run, Fire Emblem Heroes, Dr. Mario World, Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp, Mario Kart Tour, and Dragalia Lost. Nintendo made $86 million with players purchasing microtransactions in-game for just Mario Kart Tour. The new mobile title is the most recent on the list, with the most growth over that same period.

Super Mario Run is the oldest title in the batch, having been Nintendo’s first attempt at mobile gaming back in 2016. Super Mario Run remains the most downloaded of the six titles, although it’s overall revenue and growth have leveled off overall thanks to aging of the gameplay and the userbase. This is pretty normal for any video game, especially in the fast-moving mobile space where user churn is much more accelerated.

The data takes into account the global user pool for the six games, although it’s pretty clear which country makes up the most users and revenue. That’s of course Japan, home turf of Nintendo, which accounted for 54%  of the total revenue for the games counted.

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Nintendo has also obviously been making huge waves in the console space as well. It was announced this week that Ninty had sold a combined 52 million Switch consoles, with Pokémon Sword & Shield selling 16 million copies since launch. Pretty impressive.

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