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How to get the Bonewidow Necramech in Warframe

Necramech in Warframe

The Bonewidow Necramech is a renewed variant of the Necramech added in the Heart of Deimos: Arcana update this week. This is much more of a melee fighter than the previous versions, so if you want that kind of thing, you will want to start farming. Here’s how to build the new Necramech variant and take it out stomping across the wastes.

How to build the Bonewidow Necramech in Warframe

The first thing you need to do is get the actual Blueprints for each core part. These are built in the Foundry as all Blueprints are, and they take a large pool of Standing to get. Here are the Standing amounts you need to get to buy each BP:

  • Main Blueprint – 10,000 Standing at Odima Rank
  • Bonewidow Casing – 3,500 Standing  at Modus Rank
  • Bonewidow Engine – 3,500 Standing  at Modus Rank
  • Bonewidow Capsule – 3,500 Standing  at Modus Rank
  • Bonewidow Weapon Pod – 3,500 Standing at Modus Rank

Getting the Materials

Damaged Necramech components are dropped by enemy Necramechs that appear in Isolation Vault Bounties, and can be traded between players. Additionally requires the rank of Outworlder with Solaris United and Trusted with the Ostrons in order to acquire Goblite Tears and Star Crimzian required in its construction. Alternatively, the Goblite Tears and Star Crimzian are tradeable from other players.

Most of the mining materials can be found on different open-world areas. The Bonewidow Necramech requires parts from all three open-world areas, so get mining.

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  • 15,000 Credits
  • 1 Damaged Necramech Engine
  • 120 Adramal Alloy
  • 2 Cranial Foremount
  • 750 Titanium


  • 15,000 Credits
  • 1 Damaged Necramech Capsule
  • 4 Scintillant
  • 20 Biotic Filter
  • 6 Star Crimzian

Weapon Pod

  • 15,000 Credits
  • 1 Damage Necramech Weapon Pod
  • 6 Spinal Core Section
  • 80 Devolved Namalon
  • 45 Scrap
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