How do Baldur’s Gate 3 Karmic Dice Work?

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Baldur’s Gate 3 is a true return to form for the CRPG genre. In simple terms, there’s a ton of Dungeons & Dragons going on here, but it’s more complex than just the iconic TTRPG brand. For a game with a lot of dice rolling, there can be some frustating stuff that happens. Sometimes, you might get really frustrated by the randomness of dice. Sometimes, you will roll 5 or 6 failed rolls in a roll, and that can be very infuriating. Things can be helped a bit though, with the introduction of a weighting system for dice. The Baldur’s Gate 3 Karmic Dice is that system.

How do Baldur’s Gate 3 Karmic Dice Work?

Karmic Dice is a simple mechanic, and it’s a ton of fun to mess around with. The Karmic Dice in Baldur’s Gate 3 works to make dice rolls less random.  Now, the devs are intentionally making this a bit esoteric but think of it like an easier difficulty mode. In essence, it seems to be something akin to a hidden bonus to your base dice rolls. The system likely has some mathematical magic working in the background, but details on the system are pretty hush-hush. In practice, this isn’t quite right. What Baldur’s Gate 3 Karmic Dice does is to remove the possibility of doing something like rolling five 20’s or many 1’s in a row.

In short, it’s called streak protection, smoothing out RNG. This was actually already in the game during beta, called Loaded Dice, it’s been reworked a bit since that version. This is due to a bug in the original implementation that caused the game’s combat to become too easy.

The biggest reason you might want to use it is to smooth out the rough edges around RNG. A dice-based RPG is going to be very random at times. Even if something seems like a sure thing, you can still screw it up. Karmic Dice helps to reduce the chance of that happening. Basically, when using it, you can prevent your characters from missing rolls of the lowest difficulty classes on skill checks. That will make the game a tiny bit easier, but not too much. So if you’re not a fan of cheats, this is a way to make the game a bit more consistently fair.

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Be aware that Karmic Dice aren’t the same thing as cheating for the player’s team. NPCs that you encounter technically use the system as well. In short, Karmic Dice must obey the same rules as normal dice rolls within the game. You may find that NPCs are a bit harder to mess with as they succeed at some rolls more often.

How to enable Baldur’s Gate 3 Karmic Dice

Turning on the feature, if you want to use it, is very simple. Follow the steps below to turn the feature on and start using it.

  1. Press the ESC button to enter the main menu screen.
  2. Click Options to go into the Options menu.
  3.  Under the Gameplay tab, scroll down until you see the Karmic Dice option.
  4. Tick the checkbox to enable Karmic Dice in the game.
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