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How to add friends in Lost Ark

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When you get to level 50, there’s going to be a lot of systems that are going to unlock in Lost Ark.  This MMO has a bunch of things you can do on your own or with pals. As you’re completing various quests, you will incur and ton of tasks that need to be done. And sometimes, it’s better to work with friends in Lost Ark. And if you want to take on endgame PvE, you’re going to need some allies. That often means you need to put some effort into building your in-game friends list. Here’s a guide on what to do when you want to add friends in Lost Ark.

There are plenty of other things to learn about Lost Ark beyond this simple stuff. Strongholds that act as bases for crafting, seem to have some folks confused. There’s also that premium sub that some players are curious about. Doing things like dismantling gear is pretty important too. Learning how to do that can help your crafting efforts a bit. Get out there and start exploring, adventurer. Handling gear upgrades is another important aspect, mostly via Engravings and other upgrades.

How to add friends in Lost Ark

To access the friend list in Lost Ark, users can either press the default key ‘U’ or select the UI icon on the bottom of the menu labeled Community. Either of these options take you to the same menu. From there, you can manage your friends list. From this menu, you can select the option to a player. Just type their in-game name into the box at the top and confirm the request. You can only send so many requests, so don’t spam them out. Players will receive a small notification on their UI when you send them a friend request or other message.

It might be also a good idea to learn how the guild system works as well. If you’re in the same guild with your friends, you can more easily group up together. Being able to opt-into the various Guild activities.  Earning a bunch of currencies and other rewards is a great reward for doing said activities.

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