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FromSoftware reveals new RPG elements in Elden Ring

Elden Ring

Game of Thrones creator George R. R. Martin reportedly collaborated with FromSoftware on a new game, and it’s on that’s the most RPG-esque game the company has ever made Elden Ring is the newest game in the SoulsBorne lineage of FromSoftware. And while it’s not a true Soulsborne game in the most traditional sense, the DNA of the Demon/Dark/Blood line of titles is an amazing game to combine with the fantastic writing talents of a great writer.

The game was announced for current gen consoles at the E3 events this weekend, revealing the new game from the now legendary Miyazaki. The game is taking a somewhat different direction compared to previous efforts. Speaking to Xbox about Elden Ring, game director Hidetaka Miyazaki said that the team “wanted to create a new dark fantasy action RPG full of things that we weren’t able to do in the Dark Souls series.” The game was also described as a “third-person action RPG,” which will take a much more detailed RPG system to the forefront. This in direct contrast to the action-saturated approach of the previous game from FromSoftware, Sekiro.

From what’s been said of this title so far, it definitely feels like a return to the classic Dark Souls formula. The game will have character customization, as well as a deep and varied weapon selection that supports a huge array of fighting styles. In short, it looks like the company is trying to make the best fusion of Dark Souls‘ build-heavy meta-game and Bloodborne action that they can.

There’s even some teases that the game will be open-world, much more so than the more linear structure of previous titles. Although thinking of this, both the playfully teasing nature of Miyazaki and the sequence breaking potential of the original Dark Souls could see some very interesting twists coming for Elden Ring.

And while the team hasn’t revealed any story details, leaks suggest that the world the game takes place in has been suffering under a terrible century-long war, and that the titular Elden Ring is part of the cause.

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Elden Ring is currently in development for PC, PS4, and Xbox One. No release date confirmed yet.

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