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Factorio 1.0 pushed head a month to avoid AAA releases

Factorio 1.0 Release Date

Factorio 1.0 has actually been moved forward this week to a new release date.  The decision to change Factorio’s release date is due to the delay of Cyberpunk 2077‘s release. The latter was dropped back to a release date of September 17. The big AAA release of something as anticipated as Cyberpunk 2077 will no doubt dominate the headlines. So even though with Factorio 1.0 being anticipated, the developer wants its time in the sun.

The justification of moving the game up comes as Wube Software, have been working on the game for some time. The game is notably complete for being in its early 0.18 version. The core of the game is there, what with all the factory building, and there have been slow and steady additions like mod support, new animations, and new gameplay elements over time.

Factorio 1.0 will be more of the same that fans have always enjoyed. For the new people, this is a game all about building massive production lines. Using automation and science to create sprawling factories on an alien world. It sounds dull, but it is actually super fun. If you’ve ever wanted to battle aliens with an automated laser defence system powered by self-replicating drones, this is your game.

Check out the game and learn more about it if you’re interested. You can grab the game via Steam or on the Factorio official site, for $30. You might also want to take a look at the trailer for it down below.

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