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Sony Creates Division for Movies and TV


Sony is among one of the many entertainment and software companies that built a major part of their business in films and TV. The company got their start from the humble beginnings of an electronics retail outlet in 1946, to grow into one of the most recognizable names in technology, gaming and general entertainment. Today, Sony is well-known for everything from high-quality film cameras to massive AAA video games, and now those two are about to be brought together in a welcome new venture from the Japanese conglomerate.

Sony has announced that they’ve founded a new division, one focused entirely on adapting video games for film and television. Sony is calling the new sub-company PlayStation Productions, and is promising some huge potential for gaming nerds. To head up the efforts Sony is tapping Asad Qizilbash, previously VP of Marketing Exclusive Games & World Wide Studios IP Expansion. He will lead the company division and it will be overseen by Shawn Layden and SIE Worldwide Studios.

As part of the announcement both Layden and Qizilbash had hopeful remarks about the state of the film industry and the potential that this offers Sony and the rest of the games industry.  This venture means that Sony can cut out the middle man when it comes to monetizing game IPs by avoiding having to shop said IP around to various film studios. Could we see a new God of War film or Netflix series? Could Uncharted make the jump to the silver screen? We will just have to wait and see.

The strategy is very open, and lacking in details in terms of new projects. Although that’s pretty forgivable as the division is just getting started. PlayStation Productions will be open to pursuing projects in film, television, and live streaming. The projects the new effort takes on will be equally open, Qizilbash says that “story will determine the format,” and that the projects will be “honored” to the best of Sony’s ability. Layden focuses in on this idea and promises to deliver good entertainment first and foremost, “It has to stand up as a great movie or TV show,” he says.

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And while some previous efforts in this regard, like the Ratchet and Clank film adaptation, were panned by fans and critics, it seems like Sony has learned and important lesson and wants to try again. Whatever this new endeavor produces, gamers, film lovers and Sony fans will all be really excited to see some of the fruit of this labor of love. No details yet though, so it’s all speculation for a while until Sony has more news for us.

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