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Just Cause Movie is Coming

Just Cause 4

So it turns out that Rico Rodriguez might be getting a silver screen treatment very soon. I say this because there’s been a bit of information uncovered about an ongoing production to adapt the incredible action games, Just Cause, into a film.

The effort is still in very early stages, but it appears to be coming along nicely. One potential bright spot for an action film is that the writing is being helmed by John Wick writer Derek Kolstad. And given the highly politicized nature of the story in the early games, mixed in with the surreal amount of explosive action, there’s some rich material to adapt to film. Even though some of the more insane actions players pull off in-game will be difficult to pull off on film, Hollywood can do some insanely surprising stuff with CGI.

In terms of what other names are attached, there’s some intriguing choices. The movie is set to be produced by Robert Kulzer from Constantin Films and Adrian Askarieh from Prime Universe Films. Kulzer was involved with the Resident Evil films, and Askarieh worked with the Hitman film adaptation. These two films were pretty rough, but maybe with a good writer and director the Just Cause setup has a chance to be good.

It’s not that surprising that more and more movie-based efforts are happening for games. With the recent announcement by Sony that the company had created it’s own in-house production crew for adapting games to film and TV, it was pretty much certain that other companies were doing the same thing.

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And with ongoing projects to create a Halo TV series and Netflix’s forthcoming Witcher series, gaming fans across multiple franchises and genres are going to have plenty enjoy when not gaming. It’s hard to know how these or the new Just Cause projects will turn out in terms of quality, but the least we can hope for is that it’s better than season 8 of Game of Thrones.

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