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Konami teases Solomon Program, a new monster-battler


With some new artwork from Konami, the company has announced a new Switch title. Called Solomon Program, the new Switch game is apparently in the early stages of development. Manga publisher CoroCoro Online is working on the adaptation, basing it on a manga supporting the new game. The upcoming release was first reported by Gematsu.

Solomon Program has strategy RPG-style battles. It features monsters you battle through programs. The style of the gameplay is pretty tried-and-true, given the obscenely huge popularity of JRPG franchises like Pokémon. The Switch is also a pretty obvious, the portable game console is a wonderful fit for such a game. The art style for this new Switch game is a looking a lot more sinister though.

Solomon Program

What’s not so sure is how Konami will approach the new design and theme of this game. Konami  has been stepping away from the video game space for a while now. Rather infamously, the company shifted much of it’s focus toward the popular pachinko machine in Japan. The company opted to begin manufacturing various branded machines for parlors in the country, with some based on popular video games. This of course included a new Silent Hill machine.

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The gaming company teased a return to “globally recognized IPs” last year, but only some of these projects have been revealed. The PES soccer franchise continues to be a decent money spinner for them.

A demo code for the game is set to be included with the special edition of MiraCoro Comic. The new manga based on the game  will also be coming out at the same time as well. The new game will release in Japan on January 17th. No details or date for a Western release have been revealed yet.

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