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Ubisoft teases Might and Magic: Chess Royale, 100-player battler


The newest Ubisoft title is coming soon, and it’s a rather interesting concept. According to the publisher, it’s a 100-player autobattler, Might and Magic: Chess Royale. Players looking to take part in the premise can hop on now, as pre-registration for the game is open now. Head over to the main site and check it out if that interests you. Register for the game now, and be there when full gameplay opens on Jan. 30.

The gameplay and story of the game is a bit light on the details from this tease. But we can asses a few things based on what Ubisoft has told us. The game grabs hold of the legendary Might and Magic universe and shakes it for all it’s worth. But rather than a RPG or action game, we’re getting a much more strategic auto-battler. A full-blown battle royale autobattler with 100 players all competing against each other sounds insane, but Tetris 99 managed to take the iconic puzzler and turn it into a competitive puzzle game and create a fast and frantic experience.

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Having 100 players is just a bit crazy, but it gets weirder from there. By taking recognizable characters from the Might and Magic world, Ubisoft has pushed in tons of both familiar and brand new abilities for players to use in battle. Combining these abilities with the basic tactics of the core Chess concept makes for something that any strategy fan will want to experience.

With that overview, Ubisoft also dropped a new gameplay trailer. Check out the trailer down below. Might and Magic: Chess Royale will be available on Android, iOS, and PC when it launches Jan. 30.

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