SOV Updates for January 4th


The SOV warfare is heating up in January.  Below is a summary of the major developments in Null SOV over the last few days.

– North Wars :

* Yesterday Black Legion had a big meeting, several things were announced :
– The ex-Bohica Empire (and ex Nulli Secunda) Corporation Windrammers (173 Pilots) is joining Black Legion.
Black Legion is going to assist SOLAR Fleet in the war against Legion of xXDEATHXx in Geminate / Outer Passage / Cache
You can find the alliance update meeting here : http://warptozero.net/index.php?topic=111.msg783#new
After the meeting they moved their Tengus and Super/Titans to their new staging in Konora (Metropolis Lowsec) and attacked several SBUs in Cache(https://zkillboard.com/region/10000007/group/1005/).
Metropolis Lowsec give access to Great Widlands (NPC Nullsec) / Cache / The Spire / Geminate etc.. All these regions are controlled by NC/PL Renters (Northern Associates and Brother of Tangra) and by Legion of xXDEATHXx and his Renters.

* Triumvirate is probably following Black Legion, they SBUed The Spire Region (Region controlled by Northern Associates,Brother of Tangra and other renters..).
Concerning their numbers TRI lost the french Corporations (Gate is Red / SnaiLs and FroGs / AdAstra) but managed to recruit ex Ineluctable corporation V I R I I and ex The Unthinkables corporation Universale Fleet Operations (http://evemaps.dotlan.net/alliance/Triumvirate./events).

* SOLAR Fleet is killing xXDEATHXx SBUs in Outer Passage with Galaxy Rangers. : https://zkillboard.com/region/10000021/group/1005/ while Confederation of xXPIZZAx is destroying SBUs in Geminate https://zkillboard.com/region/10000029/group/1005/.

Legion of xXDEATHXx is under attacked by several entities in multiple Regions (including regions far away from their Geminate Staging),no doubt that they will soon call (or contract) their allies (Pandemic Legion ?)…
In the meantime the CFC remain intact and safe for a long period… we will see what The Mittanni will do to give his pilots content…

– West Wars :

* Northern Coalition, DARKESHI and allied (Systematic-Chaos) keep grinding their surrounding lowsecs : 6 POS Khanid (https://zkillboard.com/region/10000049/group/365/), 2 POS in Kor-Azor (https://zkillboard.com/region/10000065/group/365/).

– South and East Wars :

* Yesterday evening Northern Coalition in Ishtars and allied (DARKESHI in little number / Nulli Secunda and Fraternity with Rattlesnakes / Caladarius Alliance, Skeleton Crew and Ev0ke in Bombers/Ceptors) +250 pilots, cleaned up Esoteria :
After this fight in DTX8-M Esoteria against StainWagon Coalition Typhoons http://evf-eve.com/services/brcat/?s=3108,3107&b=6315305&e=85&t=qrqab&r=1 where NC and Co lost 7 B (including 12 Rattlesnakes) while SW lost 17.5 B (including 44 Typhoons and 3.1 B in pods..); NC and allied killed several SBUs (https://zkillboard.com/region/10000039/group/1005/ 7 SBUs killed in few hours) and a POS (https://zkillboard.com/kill/43587407/).

* Curse Coalition keep grinding East Region as we can see here : The Initiative killed Northern Associates IHUB and TCU in B-II34  Insmother (https://zkillboard.com/kill/43596753/ https://zkillboard.com/kill/43597127/ ) and soon after Red Alliance took the sov of the system http://evemaps.dotlan.net/region/Insmother/changes .
Dream Fleet seems focusing on Detorid Region(https://zkillboard.com/region/10000005/group/1005/)..

* Catch situation :
Fight between Phantasm Fleet of Provi-Bloc against HERO Harpies and Vexors in GE-8JV Catch : http://evf-eve.com/services/brcat/?s=1198&b=6315645&e=75&t=uevvubaae&r=1

Yesterday (and during the night) HERO Coalition had 5 Timers :

V-3YG7  IHUB (planet 1)  Shield Timer  Fight : http://evf-eve.com/services/brcat/?s=1162&b=6315735&e=100&t=egmZ&r=1
HERO Coalition had approx 800 pilots in several Fleets : Tengu/Eagles (82 Tengus / 107 Eagles and support), TEST in Zealots (40 Zealots and support), massive EWAR/Tackle (57 Assault Frigs / 40 Ceptors and 493 Frigates including 158 Maulus..) and multiple Bombers (64 Bombers)… Yes this number are not exact but it gives a general view of their forces..
Pandemic Legion had a full fleet of Tempest Fleet and armor T3 (109 TFI and 61 T3 + Triage Archons) assisted by WAFFLES Armageddons (28 Armageddons)…
The Initiative had 50 Bombers in system and Provi-Bloc had a small Goku Fleet.
HERO lost 29B (including 15 Tengus, 57 Eagles, 50 Scythes, 24 Bombers and approx 380 ceptors/Frigs..) while PL lost 19B (including 2 Archons, 5 TFI, 19 Armageddons).
HERO coms summery : https://soundcloud.com/dariush_out_of_jail/hero-stratop-03-01-15
HERO lost the isk wars and the objective V-3 IHUB has been reinforced into Armor and final timer..

WQH-4K and 2J-WJY final IHUB and system timer have been saved by HERO Coalition (https://zkillboard.com/system/30001194/group/1005/ and https://zkillboard.com/system/30001169/group/1005/) due to PL not showing up (still in V-3)
MB-NKE IHUB Shield Timer has been saved too : https://zkillboard.com/system/30001182/group/1005/

ZXIC-7  IHUB Shield Timer was contested and won by Pandemic Legion : http://evf-eve.com/services/brcat/?s=1168&b=6315945&e=60&t=r&r=1 with HERO showing up with a small Caracal/Moa Fleet against PL in Tempest Fleet and Armor T3 ending badly for HERO.. IHUB reinforedinto Armor.
In the morning it seems that HED-GP IHUB has been reinforced to Armor (timer not published yet)
Important Timers incoming for HERO :
V-3YG7  STATION  Shield Timer   04/01/2015   23:58
IHUB (planet 1)  Armor Timer   04/01/2015  23:02
MB-NKE STATION  Armor Timer  04/01/2015  23:30   
HED-GP STATION  Shield Timer  04/01/2015  23:35            IHUB (planet 4)  Armor Timer  05/01/2015   timer will be published
ZXIC-7 STATION  Shield Timer   05/01/2015  01:39
  IHUB (planet 5)  Armor Timer  06/01/2015   04:06

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